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Ian Ratowsky

Ian Ratowsky (American, b. 1946) is best known for his large scale, raw and nonformulary approach to female portraiture, contemporary horses and abstract creatures of his imagination. Drawing inspiration from his nomadic lifestyle and deeply-rooted archetypical symbolism, Ratowsky’s creative mind is stirred by his surroundings, whether that be in studio settings, hotel rooms around the world or in caves. His travels have taken him to Costa Rica, India, Spain and throughout the US.

Much like the artist, his work reflects a sense of constant motion, completed but never done… Ratowsky effortlessly captures a mood, a stare or a moment that appears to be frozen and gives it life. The parted lips of a lover about to tell a secret, the hoofs of a horse about to take flight and the all-knowing eyes bring a dynamic to his work that imparts a sense of realism within the ethereal context of his style.

Utilizing abstract stain techniques by applying poured paint to achieve saturated, overlapping, obscured compositions and large-scale textured fiber paper as his medium, Ratowsky developed his own milled papers from agave, wine and banana fibers to create his largely unconventional works. He often uses indigenous material rubbings, inks, charcoal, acrylics and oil.

Living part time between the countryside of New Mexico and Mallorca, Spain and with studios in both, Ratowsky’s works have been exhibited and collected by discerning buyers in New York, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Barcelona and Costa Rica.

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