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Grason Ratowsky

My works are physical representations of the extruded subconscious. Fragments of memories, experiences and imagination come forth to compile uniquely schematic arrangements that invite the viewer to move into a space of speculation. Rooted in expressionism, the process involves a surge of wild strokes to a given surface with little end intention in mind. Once the vision begins to reveal itself, steps of deduction and abstraction ensue to finally highlight and exemplify form and figure.

In this way, I do not hold a definite intention to paint objectively; I paint what lies in between. I paint the writing between the lines. When a figurative object placed in a scene is brought to life in my paintings, it is not the figure itself that I am translating but the emotion it evokes. I highlight the soul of the scene rather than the universal comprehension of it. Merging the lines between neo/abstract expressionism with surrealism and figurativism help me rearrange the usage of output to identify a hidden meaning. An unforeseen truth is revealed to the viewer in which they’re able to weave in their own personal emotional value and story.

Artworks by artist Grason Ratowsky based in Mallorca, Spain + New York.

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